With over 220,000 subscribers and followers across all social media platforms, ‘Believingbruce’ is Bruce’s charitable and voluntary effort to try and share the companies knowledge about helping people become the best them. Many people are not lucky enough to sit on corporate leadership and development training packages, so Bruce uses this avenue as a vehicle to share learning and bring people together with his light hearted delivery that educates and inspires!

Bruce Durham

is an award-winning globally recognized Performance Psychology Coach and in-demand Keynote Speaker who specializes in all things thinking, feeling and acting.

Youtube alias “Believingbruce”

Performance Psychology

For over 20 years Bruce has helped corporate clients in the areas of:

  • High-Performance Teams


  • Next Level Leadership


  • Optimized Culture


  • Safety Enhancement

Bruce is appreciated for his vast ‘in the field’ experience and also the unique energy and passion he brings to his work. Very much in demand due to his willingness to tear down boundaries, expand comfort zones and experiment with what is needed for specific individuals, Bruce is now sharing his learning across YouTube where he is already working with some of the most well-known creators in the UK.

“Bruce is clearly an expert in the field of human behavioural science. He connects with you from the first minute, outstanding!”


Mental Health & Wellbeing

In both the corporate arena and on Youtube, Bruce’s focus is on helping individuals and teams to fully optimize their performance potential by educating and discussing the core areas that ALL Human Performance comes from:


  • Mental health


  • Wellbeing


  • Being more in control of our thoughts and feelings


“Bruce is the man who took me from being depressed and miserable to borderline feeling unstoppable.”

Joe Weller, UK Youtuber, Influencer and Sky Sports Presenter 

“In 25 years I have never been so moved but left so in tune with myself.”


Body Language

Well known on Youtube for his Body language commentary, Bruce has been delivering this topic to corporate clients for many years as part of Leadership training, accident investigation and all-round Human Performance optimization.

Bruce’s angle always focuses on noticing what is not being said, in order to create psychological safety within any people based situation. This creates a higher level of authenticity thus accuracy which enhances the performance of everyone within any team.

“The impact that Bruce has added to our team must not be underestimated.”


Online Options Available

Key Note Speaker

Presentation: 3 Young Children Who Lost Their Dad…

“Creating happier people, who get more right first time, by optimizing the power of your thoughts and feelings”

Bruce’s Passion

There is a HUGE drive within Bruce to help people be the best version of themselves. Through his company, he has delivered his “3 young children who lost their dad…” Keynote Presentation to many different clients who want to focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing. This hugely evocative and emotional story highlights how, through simply being human, we can all feel stress and react in a way that is not the best for us. It just so happened on this occasion, the reaction proved to be fatal…

“Bruce’s passion for positive proactive human interaction is immediately obvious.”


Online Options Available

An Example Of Bruce’s Global Corporate Clients

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